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Mr. Fakhri

International Seminar “The 9th Asia-Pacific Conference on Algal Biotechnology” held in Century Park Hotel, Bangkok at November 15-18 2016.  The main theme for this seminar is “Algae for Food, Feed, Fuel and Beyond” and the main speakers are:

  1. Prof. John Beardall (Monash University, Australia), with research title “Algae and Global Change”.
  2. Prof. Sammy Boussiba (Israel) with research title “Advance in the production of value products from microalgae: current status and future perspectives”
  3. Prof. Iwane Suzuki (Tsukuba University, Japan) with research title “Development of the novel cyanobacterial strains producing novel fatty acids and expressing the inducible cell-lysing system”
  4. Prof. Yong-Ki Hong (Korea), title “Algal biorefinery and industrial trends”.

Member and assistant  from research group who follow this seminar and get chance to become formal speakers are:

  1. Muhammad Fakhri, S.Pi, MP, M.Sc with research title“Biomass and pigment production of Chlorella vulgaris under different photoperiods”;
  2. Nasrullah Bai Arifin, S.Pi, M.Sc with research title “Biomass and pigment production of Nannochloropsis sp. under different salinity and light intensities”;

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